• Image of Last Stand at La Mesa

From the newly published collaborative Day of the Dead themed series with artist Sergio Sánchez Santamaría "A donde irán los muertos". The last battle between Californios and U.S. Marines during the American Invasion of 1846 was fought at La Mesa on January 9, 1847 in what is today the City of Vernon in L.A. County. Three hundred Californios charged at the Marines with lances repeatedly, riding their horses to exhaustion. The Californios would retreat to Pasadena and the Treaty of Cahuenga would cease hostilities until the annexation of the Southwest into the territory of the United States. This phantom still holds the line, riding tortured at La Mesa in that moment where the homeland would forever change despite the futile resistance.
Single color linocut printed on Rives BFK Paper. Limited edition of 50. 20 are part of box sets and the remaining 30 are split between the artists. Only 15 available.
Paper Size: 11x13 inches
Image Size: 9.75x7 inches
Image Created 2013